Head Teaching Assistant (Duke University)

PubPol 301/PolSci 310: Political Analysis for Public Policymaking (Spring 2022)
Instructor: Deondra Rose

This course aims to provide you with knowledge and skills necessary to engage in powerful policy analysis that takes politics seriously.  Throughout the semester, we will combine solid conceptual and analytical grounding with application in the form of policy case-studies and skill building activities.  These elements are intended to provide a point of departure for students whose interests lie in domestic, international, and/or comparative contexts.  Additionally, given that this is a writing-in-the-disciplines course, we will devote particular attention to the development of strong public policy research and writing skills, which we will use to make direct contributions to real-world policy making efforts.  

PubPol 155: Introduction to Policy Analysis (Fall 2021)
Instructor: Nicholas Carnes 

This course introduces future leaders to the study of Public Policy through a general overview of (1) the political and social context in which public policy is made, (2) the most common obstacles to good decision-making in public affairs, and (3) several prominent methodologies used in the field of Public Policy. Students learn to apply these concepts to real-world issues through a series of case-study-driven assignments that introduce them to enduring problems, landmark policies, and contemporary issues in a topical concentration of their choice.  

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